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  • Ro Underwood:
    yes and I have seen it for at least 15 years or more. My son, David Silva, was a diver and has this great love for fish and the ocean....I'm not sure if you were on island sometime later or earlier, but his dad bought two of your paintings and David bought me one..it's got yellow orange background and the fish has various colors of aqua and teal. but I have always loved it....my home has been devastated three different times by typhoons but your fish painting has managed to stay safe...I suppose David will eventually get it back when I'm no longer here to enjoy it.

    Noah Mack: 
    I genuinely like Rivard's work. It is both beautiful and documentary at once. It escapes the trappings of overtly romanticized imagery that is often displayed in his peers, and explores natures beauty in a realistic manner. I look forward to seeing more of his work, and hope that he enjoys the most positive accolades from collectors and critics alike. The best to you Shannon!

     Sean MacDonald: Marco Fine Arts
    Blu, These are incredible! great job!

    Wanda Rodriguez:
    Nostalgia! So many memories I have of when I met you in Guam and was first introduced to your art...and the rest is history! Me and my kids fell in love with your art! and now own several of your images we enjoy at our home.  

    Mike VonPlinsky:
    "Great pic ... you're looking good and your art ALWAYS looks great!!  I had a friend over and showed them the original I have back from 1981!!  It still gets a lot of appreciation!"

    Cindy Karpaw Sobieski:
    Report We have art of yours hanging in our house, Blu. I am Joe Sobieski's wife. Glad to make your acquaintance!

    I was not surprised because Blu and I were good friends in Guam.....He is a great musician and artist, I have one of his paintings in my office. His singing reminded me a bit of Harry Chapin.....small world

    Susan Anthes-Todd:
    I first met Blu back in the late 80's. His art is absolutely amazing. He had a gallery down at the beach...I am sure his art is more beautiful than ever. Hi Blu

    Julia Sutton
    Wow. After visiting your site, my need to work & save extends beyond visiting Scotland with my son! So many great images! Of course you don't need me to tell you, but your work is extraordinary

    "This is right by my house. I saw this through my mom's feed but I go to UH Hilo and we usually go just above the falls to hang out.  That's quite a good painting of them!"

    Robert Lyn Nelson:
    Famous painter BLU RIVARD and great friend, and I -- how many years ago was this taken ? ????{^_^} TOO many!! At a one-man show on Maui.— with Blu Rivard

    I truly believe your art should be seen and appreciated by many more people on this earth.