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Bidding farewell to his native Detroit in 1977, his restless spirit led him inexorably to Southern California…and the sea. From the serene beauty of his Undersea Lifescapes to the graceful majesty of his Exotic Wildlife Studies, Blu’s work enraptures the eye. His unique inter-play of color, light, and texture is eminently recognizable.

With limited edition reproductions of his original oil paintings becoming available in 1989, Blu garnered increased visibility in the United States and abroad. To date, his images have been exhibited, distributed, and collected in nearly fifty countries.

By the close of 1996, Blu was living in Guam and immersing himself in the natural wonders of the Pacific Rim.  His adventures above and below the water line in Australia, Asia, and islands of the South Pacific inspired him anew.  As he explored the indigenous marine and terrestrial life forms, Blu also developed a deep affection for the native peoples and cultures he encountered.

After an absence of nearly a decade, Blu returned to the familiar climes of Southern California, eager to share images of his South Seas experiences.

Concern for the sanctity and preservation of nature is the emotional underpinning of Blu’s work. He consciously seeks to infuse reverential spirituality into each image. Blu is actively involved in several marine and environmental advocacy associations.  He serves on the Honorary Board of Governors for the Project Aware Foundation through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) with undersea notables Dr. Sylvia Earle, Jean-Michele Cousteau, and others passionate about this cause.

Since each of his paintings requires an exceptional degree of habitat research and behavior observation, expanding his know-ledge base is very much a constant in Blu’s life.  His mastery of detail and biological accuracy reflects his deep love for planet Earth and the diversity of life that inhabits it.
Blu’s originals and limited editions adorn the walls of private collectors, museums, corporate offices, and commercial galleries throughout the world.  He has been profiled in newspaper articles and on television.  His images have also graced magazine and catalogue front covers, marine art calendars, and commemorative items.

It’s one of Blu’s fondest desires to inspire new generations of conservationists, naturalists, divers, budding artists, and art fanciers through his remarkable imagery.


  • David Evans:
    Blu's images are magic! They instantly transport you to another world! A world filled with vibrant, living things. You get the real sense that all the natural elements are working in harmony, as they blend, one layer upon another in a beautiful parade of living things, and color.

    Chuck Korientz:
    Hi Blu, We are not selling our print it means to much to us! My wife and I have enjoyed this beautiful piece of art and it is a real conversation piece in our home. I am the original owner. I purchased the print in Irvine Ca. in the late 1989 or 1990s.
    Thank You for your time,

    John C. Walters
    Check out Blu's perspective. He is such a talented artist, and such a giving, humble individual. Just a regular nice guy with incredible talent. Truly a pleasure to know him. You can tell by his artwork that he is pure of heart and soul.

    David Callaway
    Wonderful work! I still enjoy browsing you many beautiful paintings that still adorn the walls of the optometry department at the Guam Navy Hospital. I always thought it was the oddest locations for a display though...everyone in the waiting room is there for eye exams and prescription glasses...lol. Keep up the wonderful creations Blu!

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