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Fine Arts Posters

What are Collectibles?

"COLLECTIBLES" is a broad category of items at various price levels which incorporate one (or more) of Blu's original images. If you have a favorite image, you can always click on it to see in which other forms it may be available--fine art, posters, collector plates, note cards, mini-prints, and others.

Rivard Fine Art Note Card Pack 

A unique high-quality 6-image assortment of Blu's images are on the cover of these all-occasion blank note card sets. Packs of 6 cards/envelopes are shrink wrapped with a gold elastic band with bow. $14.95. 

Leanin' Tree Note Card Pack
Leanin' Tree has licensed several of Blu's images and produced their own set of fine-quality blank all occasion note card sets. Packs of 6 cards/envelopes are shrink wrapped with all of the images displayed on the back of each package. $14.95.

Mini Prints
Petite in size and nicely affordable. You can collect or gift a range of high-quality reproductions of Blu's images. Click on the image(s) you desire to see if they are available as mini-prints. All images are double-matted to fit most standard frames. Sizes and prices vary.

Limited Edition
 Fine Porcelain China Collector Plates
three of of Blu's most celebrated images have been reproduced on fine porcelain china plates. Each plate is destined to be an heirloom to be treasured for years and years to come. Collector plates currently available from Rivard Fine Art include: 

  • Tropical Paradise ~ (Blu's image, Passion For Paradise) produced by Franklin Mint. 8-inch diameter fine porcelain China trimmed with 24Kt gold rim. (Now Sold Out.)

  • Send In The Clowns ~ (Blu's first published image) produced by Great Impressions8 1/4-inch diameter fine porcelain China trimmed with 23Kt gold rim. Edition limited to 20,000 units. (Note: low inventory.)  $39.95.                                                                           
  • Array of Colour ~ (Blu encountered these two magnificent sea turtles while diving off Poipu, Kauai) produced by Great Impressions. 8 1/4-inches fine porcelain China trimmed in 23Kt gold rim. Edition limited to 20,000 units. (Note: low inventory.) $39.95

The Wooden Gallery Process                                         
Prints are saturated and mounted using a proprietary acrylic emulsion. This emulsion, which includes high-tech UV protection, helps to bring back the colors, perspective and depth that were present in the original and often lost in a print--without yellowing. The final coats of this emulsion are hand-applied and textured. The process' total saturation eliminates all minor wrinkles and tears on older images--without any bleed-through problelms. This allows the print or photo to be framed without glass--consequently, there will be no glare, reflection, or breakage. The images are not vulnerable to humidity, heat, or cold. The result is the nicest possible presentation of a lithograph, gicleé, art print, poster, or photograph


Fine Art Posters

Porcelain China Collector Plates

Large Wooden Gallery Process

Large & Small Wooden Gallery Process